About the program

Welcome to the Grand Designs Australia Magazine House of the Year Awards.

The Grand Designs Australia Magazine House of the Year Awards are designed to celebrate brilliant outcomes created by Architects for their Clients on residential projects. The awards are judged by a panel of Architect professionals and are presented in April each year.

In addition to the main awards program, this Showcase and People’s Choice Award is designed to give members of the public access to an important resource for ideas and contacts, and our Editorial team feedback on the street appeal of projects presented visually. Enjoy!

The Grand Designs Australia House of the Year Awards has come together with the considerable support of our sponsors:

Unox Casa (Gold Sponsor)

UNOX, renowned as the world’s best-selling brand of professional ovens, has now made its grand entrance into the high-end residential market through the innovative Unox Casa division. With a visionary mission to bridge the gap between top-tier culinary establishments and luxurious private homes, Unox Casa proudly presents SuperOven, available in two configurations: Model 1 and Model 1S. This pioneering smart oven marks the fusion of cutting-edge technology from the finest professional ovens with an iconic Italian design, tailored for the most refined and sought-after environments..

Rylock Windows & Doors (Silver Sponsor)

Rylock Windows & Doors is an Australian-made-and-owned innovative leader in the design and fabrication of high-performance window and door solutions. Whether the site is urban, coastal or rural, every custom window and door combines quality, style and performance for optimal comfort throughout the home. Headquartered in Melbourne, Rylock has manufacturing facilities in Melbourne and Adelaide, while also servicing New South Wales, the ACT and Tasmania.

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In Big Ass Fans' two decades of innovation, they've helped thousands of businesses, designers and homeowners experience powerful, energy-efficient airflow. They believe in creating comfortable environments that complement the way people live, work and enjoy life.

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